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Birthdate:Sep 9
i bake ridiculous cakes.

i don't eat things that come from the ocean, and i don't eat things that are cute.

i'm a nerdy rhode islander living in a southern college town.

i drink more soda than is generally recommended.

the cat to square footage ratio in my home is not in my favor.

if i haven't made fun of you yet, just wait - it's coming soon. i sass because i care. i also sass because i couldn't care less. so there's that.

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3-legged dogs, action girl, aesop rock, anchor steam tattoo, ariel schrag, arroz con pollo, as220, atomic clocks, atoms, being an indoor kid, beryllium, blowing out candles, box office poison, buckets of kittens, capybaras, chanel no. 5, chris ware, comfy sneakers, comic books, converse one stars, cute mary janes, daisies, dcvdp, dftba, diet cherry dr. pepper, dixon ticonderoga pencils, dr. pepper lip gloss, dur dur, easton's beach, elect-a-slug, evan dorkin, falling in love, feminist boys, fighting, figuring things out, fluevogs, fox point, geeking out in public, glasses, gouda, grey, hello kitty, hellojed, hockey, hoodie sweatshirts, hudsucker proxy, hunger games, ice water, indecipherable new yorker cartoons, ipp, japanese toys, jeff mangum, jellicoe road, jimmy corrigan, jimmy stewart, john ghiorse, john green, john loveday, john updike, jonny polonsky, kavalier & clay, kith, knitting, languages, learning new stuff, lecturing teenagers, libraries, low top chucks, making up words, medieval cycle dramas, meerkat hugs, milliecat, mix cds, mobius strips, mogwais, moleskine planners, moody moose buttons, msc 100, my birthday, nancy drew video games, naps, neil gaiman, neutral milk hotel, nick-a-nee's, owning a house, paperclips, pepto bismol, pixy sticks, planning events, providence, ragdoll, reading the dictionary, relax bear, retro dresses, rhode island, rilo kiley, robots, roxiecat, rushmore, sarah dyer, saul bellow, science museums, scrabble, secretary pigtails, secrets and surprises, shiny things, sledding, soltero, spalding gray, squirrels, sugar gliders, sugar mooshies, sunny days, system 2, tantrums, the big lebowski, tin robots, toast, todd solondz, tullycraft, walking around my town, wandering through airports, wanderlust, yoda schabodahead, your mother
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